1. Are you a super busy boss babe, who wants to up skill and offer more treatments but simply find it hard to take time away from your busy business? Have you ever considered online training?

Online training is becoming an increasingly popular method of learning. With modern day to day commitments and busy lifestyles , it can be difficult to find the time to study. The beauty industry in particular is a faced paced industry, with new treatments being developed constantly, With this in mind online study can of many Benefits:

💫 No travelling involved 💫 Easy to juggle around other commitments 💫 Have lifetime access to training material 💫 Complete training at your own pace 💫 More affordable method of training 💫 Expand your skill set and keep up to speed, with this fast paced industry. 💫 Increase revenue

As is a forward thinking company, FACE is always thinking of new ways to bring the very best training options to you. Upon completing a lot of research, we have found there seems to be a increasing demand and desire for online training.

Online training can be a great option for you to study short courses and gain new skills, that offer you the freedom and flexibility to train at your own leisure around your lifestyle. Not only is this method of training often cheaper than conventional in person courses, but you also would have lifetime access to the training information, should you ever need to refresh your memory.

Yes, there is a lot of stigma within the industry about online training, with some critics claiming that the training is not sufficient, however we believe this to be untrue and quite closed minded. If an online training program is developed to a very high standard, then in some cases it can be more beneficial to the candidate, bearing in mind you can watch the interactive practical lessons on repeat. You will also have unlimited access to this material whenever you please, almost like having your own personal tutor on hand, whenever you need. If you have ever considered online training or have an interest, then we would love to hear form you.

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