Why now is the time to train in advanced beauty procedures.

The non - surgical cosmetic industry in the UK is currently worth a whopping £2.75 billion. These impressive figures show just how popular non-surgical treatments are.

Not only are these procedures affordable but they are also results driven, often leaving clients with instant results. One of the most attractive qualities of these treatments is that there is minimal downtime associated, meaning clients can carry on with their general routine without having to take anytime out to recover.

Treatments such as chemical peels and Dermaplaning have increased in popularity and will continue you to grow in demand. Especially with the increased use of social media, being at the forefront of the influence for such procedures. The search for celebrity worthy skin and perfected selfies is the way of the world we live in, with both male and females looking to achieve flawless results, with no expense spared.

With more and more Medi-spas and advanced beauty clinics set to open their doors for business, there is has been no better time to get your clinic ahead and maximise your potential client base.

Courses available at F.A.C.E:


Chemical Peels



2 Day Advanced Skincare, including Dermaplane, Chemical Peels, Micro-needling, Mesotherpay and LED light.

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